Tim Fraley
Dog Trainer / Owner

Tim Fraley Professional Dog Trainer

As a passionate advocate for canine well-being, I've dedicated years to understanding and training dogs. With a deep-rooted love for our four-legged companions, I've honed my skills to create harmonious relationships between dogs and their families.


  • Training Expertise: Years of hands-on experience in obedience training, behavior modification, and socialization techniques.
  • Specializations: Skilled in working with diverse breeds and temperaments, from puppies to senior dogs, addressing issues ranging from basic obedience to complex behavioral challenges.
  • Sessions: Conducted numerous individual coaching sessions, tailoring each program to meet the specific needs of both dog and owner.


  • Positive Reinforcement: Emphasizing positive reinforcement methods, I focus on building trust and communication between dogs and their owners.
  • Tailored Training: Recognizing that each dog is unique, I craft personalized training plans, taking into account individual personalities and learning styles.
  • Wellness Care: Advocate for a Wellness approach, considering factors beyond training, such as nutrition, exercise, and mental stimulation, to ensure a well-rounded, happy dog.


  • Certifications & Education: Hold certifications in certified dog Trainer, APDT association, and regularly attend workshops and seminars to stay updated on the latest training techniques and behavioral science.
  • Success Stories: Celebrate countless success stories of transformed behavior and strengthened bonds between dogs and their families.

Let's Train Together:

Whether you're welcoming a new furry friend into your home or seeking to improve your current companion's behavior, I'm here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on a journey to create a happy, well-trained, and balanced dog.

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