Pawsitive Manners

Pawsitive Manners

Pawsitive Manners focuses on taking your dog's obedience skills to the next level. This academy is designed for dogs of all ages who have already mastered basic commands and are ready to build upon their training foundation. Here are some advanced skills and behaviors that you can teach at Pawsome Obedience Academy:

Off-Leash Obedience: Train your dog to respond reliably to commands even when off-leash, ensuring a high level of control and safety in open spaces.

Distance Commands: Teach your dog to follow commands from a distance, enhancing their ability to listen and respond to cues even when you're not right next to them.

Extended Stays: Extend the duration of "sit" and "down" stays, helping your dog remain patient and composed for longer periods.

Heel Work: Refine your dog's loose leash walking skills and teach them to walk politely beside you, both on and off-leash.

Recall Refinement: Strengthen your dog's recall so they come back reliably when called, even in distracting environments.

Stay with Distractions: Train your dog to maintain their stay even when faced with various distractions, such as other dogs, people, or tempting objects.

Directional Cues: Teach your dog to respond to directional cues, like "left," "right," "back," or "forward," which can be useful in agility or advanced obedience exercises.

Emergency Stop: Train your dog to stop immediately and come to you when you give a specific command, which can be crucial for their safety.

Advanced Tricks: Teach your dog more complex tricks and behaviors, such as spin, bow, crawl, or even learning to tidy up their toys.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification: Prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test, which evaluates their obedience and manners in various real-life scenarios.

Problem-Solving and Focus Work: Work on advanced problem-solving exercises and activities to challenge your dog mentally and strengthen their focus and attention.

Impulse Control: Train your dog to have better impulse control, so they can resist temptations and stay focused on your commands.

Remember, training should continue to be positive and reward-based, building a strong bond between you and your dog as you work together to achieve these advanced obedience skills. The focus is on fostering a well-behaved and well-mannered companion that you can trust in any situation.

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