Pawsitive Puppy

Pawsitive Puppy

Welcome to our esteemed Pawsitive Puppies Training Program, thoughtfully named to embody the essence of our approach. 

Our six-week course for puppies covers a range of essential topics to set the foundation for exemplary behavior. These include:

1. Socialization: An integral aspect of a puppy's development, our course focuses on controlled and supervised socialization opportunities with other dogs and humans.

2. Basic Commands: We teach crucial commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel with positive reinforcement techniques.

3. House Training: Housebreaking is a fundamental part of puppy training, and we provide guidance and support to ensure swift and successful house training.

4. Leash Training: We help puppies learn to walk obediently on a leash, creating safe and enjoyable experiences for both the dog and owner.

5. Gentle Handling: Teaching puppies to feel comfortable being handled by their owners and veterinarians is an essential part of our program.

6. Behavioral Issues: We address and provide guidance for common puppy behavior challenges such as jumping, nipping, and chewing.

Our comprehensive training program ensures that you and your puppy embark on a harmonious and rewarding growth journey. Our focus on positive reinforcement guarantees that both young pups and their dedicated owners experience an enjoyable and enriching learning experience. Join our Pawsitive Puppies Training Program to set your furry friend up for a lifetime of good behavior.

Here at Anchors Dog Training Academy our commitment is centered around guiding you and your puppy on a harmonious and rewarding journey of growth and learning. tailored to establish a strong foundation of exemplary behavior in your cherished furry companion. It's crucial to grasp that our methodology in the Pawsitive Puppies course is deeply grounded in the principles of positive reinforcement. By utilizing rewards and commendations, our aim is to inspire and motivate puppies, ensuring a positive and delightful learning journey for both young pups and their devoted owners. The ultimate goal is to establish a robust framework for their upcoming training endeavors, facilitating their growth into well-mannered and socially adept adult dogs.

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