Anchors Dog Training Academy

Personalized Dog Training

Welcome to Anchors Dog Training Academy, where we embark on a personalized journey of canine companionship. Our commitment is anchored in providing tailored learning experiences for your beloved dogs. Our experienced trainers chart personalized courses, steering away from the one-size-fits-all mentality, ensuring each dog's training experience is as exceptional as they are.
Sailing with positive reinforcement, we prioritize building a strong bond between you and your furry friend. Beyond training, our commitment extends to ongoing support, ensuring the skills learned in our academy translate into a lifetime of good behavior. Join Anchors Dog Training Academy for a transformative experience, where personalized training and positive reinforcement create a lasting partnership. Set sail with us for a training adventure like no other!

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Merrick Green

13 April 2024

13 April


Tim has done an amazing job training us to train our puppy. He is patient with her even though she bites him. When he comes over, she is so excited to go to pup...
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S Shae

04 December 2023

04 December


Amazing dog trainer, always knows how to get my stubborn dogs to listen and learn!!